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It is essential for the society to spread proper education and make it developed and It is also necessary for the society to create awareness among the people and their children about the education. It feels so positive and forms good vibes into our mind when each and every child of the society gets admitted to the school to get the proper knowledge and education.
    "As we know that the future of our nation depends on the children who are poor and willing to learn and grow in their life"
With the help of these platform number of active programs runs at a high level for the underprivileged sections of the working class and poor children living in cities and villages of 3 states of india through FEPA NGO.
In which children's education, child development, various types of medical camps are being organized. Women empowerment is also being organized like awareness center for organic farming and training centers for youth to make the people of the society strong and self-reliant.
These programs also collaborates with government grants and cooperation of the businessman is also at its peak.
Through such programs we make the society empowered and Self-reliant.

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